Presidio Partners: Venture Investing Evolved

Every industry either evolves or dies, and venture capital is no exception. To think otherwise is hubris.

Changing times require new skills and different approaches. At Presidio Partners, we leverage the deep sector experience and learnings that we have gained through our 25+ years in venture capital as CMEA Capital. In addition, we have added a number of new capabilities that we believe are critical, including active portfolio management and a focus on company-building throughout the duration of our investment.


We seek to embrace change and creativity to improve outcomes because that is what we believe it will take to successfully tackle the business challenges of the coming decade. We experiment with novel approaches to pharmaceutical development that we believe may increase efficiency. We rethink our portfolio companies’ approaches, and seek to develop new business models where appropriate.


The entire Presidio team believes in the power of technology and data to push our entrepreneurs and ourselves in ways that will make the world a better place and help us meet ever-changing societal challenges.

Why We’re Different

Presidio Partners offers a blend of innovative portfolio management practices and deep operational and sector experience.


Let’s start with the bottom line: Presidio Partners brings more to the table than money and MBAs. Our team offers significant operating experience at every stage of the corporate lifecycle, which we believe our portfolio company CEOs and investors value immensely. This experience provides an understanding of every sector where we invest that we believe helps our portfolio companies navigate even the most complex situations. Finally, we believe that our team’s experience in public equities, debt investing, and private equity investment management helps us offer new ideas on company financing and also keeps us ever mindful of the end result.


We believe that success isn’t determined by a sky-high valuation in any single financing round, but rather by guiding growing, profitable companies built to last. Our goal is to create significant companies, so we invest in companies we think can become game changers. We know a number of our investments will fail – that’s the nature of venture capital.



Where We Invest

We invest in sectors with which we have deep experience — IT, life sciences, and energy technology. Across these sectors, we are looking for three things:

Passionate People

A+ teams driven by passion, not greed!

Growing Markets

Large, growing, and underserved markets (in terms of sector and geography)

Global Impact

Potential “Change the world” outcomes

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