DianRong (点融网)

DianRong (点融网)—DianRong is an online lending platform based in Shanghai China where members can borrow and lend money amongst themselves at better interest rates. Borrowers can get loans below market rates, and lenders can earn returns above those offered by traditional bank deposits, wealth management products, trust products and other traditional fixed-income investments. Named the “Lending Club of China”, DianRong was founded in early 2011 by the co-founder and former Head of Technology of Lending Club, Mr. Soul Htite, who joined efforts with Kevin Koo, a private equity fund partner and a lawyer from Shanghai. DianRong’s proprietary and state of the art technology gives DianRong a huge advantage over traditional banks by reducing the cost of customer acquisition, underwriting, fund management, bad debt collections, regulatory compliance, and reporting. Better rates and better returns are now a reality in China. Visit them at DianRong.com