Intermolecular—Intermolecular, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMI) delivers High Productivity Combinatorial™ (HPC) technology products and services that enable customers to maximize semiconductor R&D ROI. The company’s Tempus™ HPC™ Platform offers chipmakers, materials suppliers and equipment manufacturers integrated processing, characterization and informatics systems that exponentially accelerate learning in materials discovery, process development and IC device integration. Customers apply Intermolecular’s technologies in their R&D projects through Collaborative Development Programs (CDPs) with Intermolecular’s multidisciplinary team, through purchase of Tempus systems, or by licensing of IP developed and qualified by Intermolecular. By leveraging HPC technologies to quickly develop, integrate and electrically test multiple alternative solutions, at minimum cost and risk, customers obtain unique IP and time-to-market advantage. Founded in 2004, Intermolecular is based in San Jose, California. A more detailed description of the Tempus HPC platform and information about customer projects are available at